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Get creative with protecting your information. Receive text messages online for free using our temporary and disposable phone numbers.

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Temporary Phone Numbers

Our temporary phone numbers generally use VoIP technology instead of the traditional and regular telephone signal. These phone numbers are reacheable by local, long distance, mobile, and international numbers.

  • Use it once and forget about it
  • Protect user information
  • Zero commitment
How does it work?

The phone numbers page has a list of phone numbers that can receive sms. Text messages sent to any of those numbers can be viewed by clicking on the text messages count.

How long do the phone numbers live for?

Our temporary phone numbers have an average lifetime of 7 days. However, you might see numbers that live for much longer than that. A phone number might even be available for a year.

What do the online and offline states signify?

An online state indicates that the phone number is ready to receive text messages. An offline state might indicate that the phone number has reached its text messages quota or has simply expired. An offline phone number no longer receives text messages.

Can anyone see these text messages?

Yes. This content is visible to everyone. Keep that in mind when you choose to receive text messages.

I don't see a text message I am expecting. What do I do?

If your text message hasn't been displayed in the list yet, feel free to refresh the page or click on the refresh button. Make sure to also check the state of the phone number. If this persists, it's possible that the message never came from the sender.


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Phone Numbers